Dyeing Today

Got away to an early start by putting by fabric to soak in avinegar mixture

Leaves decided on and those  that were dry ie preserved eucalyptus  



 from  last winter, I placed in a bowl with boiling water to soften,ready to place on my fabric

Turn on the computer and face time my long time friend in Holland where she is enjoying ahot dayWe start and choose differing materials differing silks differing leaves and differing methods.

I have decided to use large fig leaves,blackberry leaves,geranium ,eucalyptus,acer.These are all from my garden apart from the fig which my new garden helper brought me from his garden.

I placed the leaves on after dipping in iron water ( not rust water) and rolled in plastic and into the copper pipe,into the large thermostatically controlled steam pot ( my Wek pot) and left it steaming for 3 hours the package raised above the water level.

I was thrilled with the results on these cowls one wool ,one silk.

Photos to come.

The next trial will be the same but without any iron water.


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