I am back

IMG_2754After the horrendous year of 2015 and now recovered I am so looking forward to my work in 2016.

Yes I still have dreadful backache,my wrist screams at me but I am upright,functioning and loving life as much as ever.

I am finally back in my studio sorting designing and working.

For every friend,follower,fellow felter who bouyed me up ‘Thank you’you all helped.

Cuddles ,kisses and laughter with my 2 adorable granddaughters gave me so much determination to get here.

Felting,wirework,and knitting bring it on

Will be teaching the joys of wirework mixed with fibres  and beautiful stones to make individual pieces of Wearable Art.
Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 11.01.09

6 thoughts on “I am back

  1. Chrissie,
    do you sell your felted pieces online? I cannot find any. Interested in jackets. Saw some in your shop last summer at Fairfield Mills.


      1. okay, is there a website I should bookmark to see your work for sale?
        I just signed up to follow your blog but what other websites can I find you and your work on?
        You had 2 or 3 nuno felted beautiful jackets in your shop at Fairfield Mill in late Aug but I just cannot find your work online. Very frustrating.
        So glad to hear you’re recovered enough to try to felt again. That was a long painful recovery for you. While I didn’t send a note, you were in my thoughts.


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