End of 2022

The reservoir

I started this year with snow and it seems as if the weather will dominate again. Autumn and winter are my very favourite times of the year and the landscape is stunning

After expecting a return to studio work I discovered sadly I required another serious hand operation and my index finger knuckle had to be replaced .

Without dwelling on it the op itself was fraught and recovery has been very hard. I find myself at the end of the year with still more improvement needed. Whilst this has been happening to me my younger brother in Canada has had to recover from a total knee joint replacement.

We have spent a lot of time chatting on line encouraging each other in our respective physiotherapy sessions. A lovely change to support each other and freshen our sibling bond.

Frozen Days

Spiders are not my favourite creature but after a freezing night I am impatient to get my camera and speed around the garden shooting their amazing work. I always wonder why did a web break had it caught a fly that fought back to be free.

More reflective time and reading hours dipping into the writing of Tove Jansson and books regarding The Seasons plus The Shamans Coat by Ann Reid

The frozen river only two fields from home has been beautiful and another view to give rise to reflective thoughts on the long winter days when the sun going down seems only such a short time since it rose awakening the new day.

Only 1 more day this year which has had so much sadness and fear and war and covid ( still) I pray 2023 will see peace and good health and a return to what we used to think was Normal! To be able to return to travelling would always be pleasant as seeing more of my 3+1 would be heavenly.

I wish you all ‘A Happy New Year ‘ and peace and love during the days to follow. Stay safe.

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