HatnScarf ie Balaclava type headgear

I know of only one way that keeps the heat in and the cold out and that is a decent felted hat.To help those who are not good at making patterns I am going to talk you through it .


1.tape measure


3 sellotape

4 lino or bubble wrap or plastic

ok draw an oval shape and divde into fourwith two lines 1 horizontal and 1 vertical

measure your head from back to chin –divide by 2 and write the measure on the vertical line eg 21″is mine =10.5″

measure head around above the ears divide by 2 and write on the horizontal line eg 22″is mine divided =11″

measure around the neck divide by 2 15″divided =7.5″#

measure from under your chinto hollow in the neck 6″ do not divide

ok now is the time to test your fibres and felt a piece 6″ by6″ now felt firmly then measure and work out the percentage of shrinkage .My fibres give a 50% shrink so I must now add this to my measurements .so ok

 height =10.5 x50%=17.75″


neck 4″x50%=6

around neck 7.5″x50%=11.25″

sorry this is all inches not metric but well I think in  feet and inches .

now you have all the measurements draw this out on your paper a newspaper and felt tip is good

so we have an oval shape with a neck on you are noiw going to extend the top of the oval into a point about 2/3rds the length of the oval therfore mine will be 14″ which when felted down will be a7″point .

now cut this pattern out in bubblewrap or lino or plastic and you have your resist .here is mine

Felting layout will be here in pics tomorrow .here is pic1 with the fringing showing.

pic2lay out 4 layers of fibre all extending at least 2″over the template edge,all perpendicular to each other. fibres all laid out on side 1    4layers+ 1 fringing

Chrissie Day felt hatnscarf click here to download the  free pdf  for the hatnscarf –Happy Felting

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