new jacket

Pattern is cut and ready to come on the site but this is my husbands computer as stupid me poured a glass of water over mine —so all pics and files stored on mine and backed up on mine are unavailable to me so have to learn to use this mac for now and redo my files and piccies—bear with me will get sorted.

want to get this done for you all before I have my op on 5th Feb .

2 thoughts on “new jacket

  1. Hi Chrissie,

    Sorry to hear about your computer accident. I always worry that I’ll do that same thing, but with my cup of coffee. I do most of my “computer-ing” in the morning and need my cup of Joe to wake up. I will say that my husband uses a Mac and just loves it.

    Will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hoping for a super speedy recovery from your surgery.



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