New Nuno

Hi sorry to have left you all mid way through the new top but have been laid low with a virus which is just what I did not need prior to my surgery so have spent 2 days lying down jsut imagining felting.Next we lay the 4 main pieces next to each other and after tacking them together and tacking the 35cms piece on the bottom edge centrally .The aim is then to look at your silks you have dyed and the felting pieces and by placing them in differing arrangements ie silk on feltside and felt on silksideĀ  you can make all 5 pieces blend together.see pics

2 thoughts on “New Nuno

  1. Hi Chrissie, I really hope that you will be feeling 100% soon. Take care of yourself as we wait for interest to see how your nuno felting progresses! X Nicola


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