Jacket continued

Well another week nearly over and I am feeling ‘stircrazy’ although my shoulder hurts I have to play with my fibres –one handed of course.

here is a collage of all the pieces joined together, and on the silky sides we will add extra prefelt pieces and on the felty sided we will place shibori dyed silks ,the aim is also to begin to combine our colour mixture and put the added colour for zing.

on this piece I have added greeny dyed silk over the turqouise and added the brick colour  for effect,a pale blue piece then goes over the seam from the brick to the turqouise.

this shows the centre back piece and it is on this edge we need to add our extra strip overlapping by about 1″.the seam line will then be covered with an extra layer of silk in one of the contrasting colours . The beauty of this jacket is you work it slowly and carefully blending the fabrics together by slow hand rubbing long before you start to roll.Pay attention to all your seam rubbing them well and letting the silks and fibres blend together.

tomorrow I will show you some close ups of differing areas of the piece.here we have an extrapiece of prefelt  dyed in the greenyshade with slight red placed over the turqouise silks these will blend together well

look at a previous top

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