The felt dress

The  new felt dress weighs only 124grams which I find remarkable but interesting to make. My garden is always my inspiration but the colours on the hills through the seasons and the times of the day bring about this colour mix hope you like it .

I dyed the felt as well as the silk for this item which I feel I prefer as you have no non-coloured edges showing on the garment you are making.

Shibori dyeing the needlefelt is quite tricky as of course you need to heat the dye for it to take but you do not wish to start the wool shrinking as in the felting process,I have found the microwave the best way to do this and it disturbs the fibres the least. Shibori dyeing  can be as easy or as complicated as you make it this dress was done with knots tied in the fibres either silk or wool or silks and wools slightly felted together.

I aim to carry on trying to make items which are very lightweight using silk and needlefelt merino as my bases.

3 thoughts on “The felt dress

  1. Oh Dawn thank you I was very nervous breaking out of my ‘safe design box’ that publishers ask for and doing something I wanted to do,so it is a relief it is well received –greta fun to do .


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