I am having a week away at my beloved converted chapel in the hills .this morning I woke at 6.00am and decided to stay put and doze and dream and by 8.00 the sun was streaming through the window warming my face as I lay dozing in bed.At breakfast I just had to get the kitchen window views as the sun played on the hills,mornings like this at this time of year I feel are magical,how many colours are just in this one shot?It of course got the old creative juices going but time was not on my side as my son with his new wife Katie were expected for morning coffee—hmmm they ended up coming for lunch.Before they arrived I had a play with some screen printing which I want to do on the silks prefelting. The lambs are playing in the fields the skylarks and pee whits are calling in the skies and we had a lovely lunch and talked wedding pictures.

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