fabulous internet

What an incredible age we live in.I have posted mail to friends far and wide. Conversed with the cruise organisers for my craft cruise to Russia in July and more important seen that my blog has more visitors from even more countries so welcome to you all.

I also received  my web order from Wingham a lovely selection of less than common fibres to work with so watch this space .

A friend asked me today what I was going to do to fill my time when the promised heat wave hits us this week and she assumed it would be too hot to work with my fibres in my studio area.Simple said I ‘I set up my outside table in my garden and enjoy the sun on my face and my arms as I work’.I have never known it too hot to work with my fibres and if it did happen well I would simply sit in my garden and dream up ideas to do,whilst knitting

2 thoughts on “fabulous internet

  1. Its never to hot to felt just spay yourself down to keep cool. I did a show last year that was outside unbearably hot. we kept running over to the children’s area where they had a little water park. stand under the water sprayer and then jun back and man the booth until I dried out and then back again for an other shower. I reminded of me of my mom joining us in the lawn sprinkler when I was little.


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