Competition Winners

WOW the entries were all fantastic and we had some wild colour schemes.The judging was painful as 3 entries were so close to each other the judges had a hard time deciding between them.The entries were printed out with only names on the back of the sheets.

After a lot of looking we ended up with 4 entries  that had stood out to at least 2 of the 3 judges.Rosie from ‘the love of felt’with her mint rhubarb beetroot elderflowers,,Martine from ‘silencing the bell’with tastes of rhubarb running through our taste buds and thoughts of custard too.Dawn from Feltsoright with thoughts of raspberries,zucchini,watercress,purple asparagus ,everyone was feeling hungry imagining all these,Do you see like we did, the familarity of the colour schemes  so far.

Then we were knocked off our seats when this entry from Stephanie  at wildwomancreations with wild lavender ,pink and zany yellow teamed with lime green, chilli red and orange made all out taste buds zing and colour flash before our eyes .

Therefore the winner is Stephanie, and Rosie, Martine and Dawn whose colours came a triple second are all a joint second place and will get something to remember this by.

Stephanie I will be in touch and look forward to making you your own custom made Waterfall

Jacket in your colours.

Thank you for all those who took part in this and enjoyed thinking about spring colours and

spring tastes.

I am tempted to do it all again next year so watch this space .

4 thoughts on “Competition Winners

  1. Oooh….I can’t wait to see Stephanie’s finished jacket. The colors sound fantastic! I love Stephanie’s vibrancy, zest for life, sense of style, and joyful attitude…So, I know this jacket will be a glorious sight to behold. Congratulations Stephanie!

    I’m so excited that I was in the running. That’s so funny that a number of us were thinking along the same color ways.

    Thanks so much for putting this fun contest together Chrissie.



  2. As I jumped up from the computer and started running around the studio, yelling, dancing, and singing, my husband just smiled and then shook his head. I am so thrilled to be selected to receive your incredible waterfall jacket in the colors that speak my soul and my heart. Dawn…..thank you so much for your comments and congratulations to all those who entered and to the triple second place winners. A challenge like this makes us contemplate and grow and I thank you so much, Chrissie, for giving us all this opportunity. Hugggggs….Stephanie


  3. Woohooooo! This is such a welcome burst of happiness – everything’s been so stressful for me lately!

    I can’t wait to see all the things you make Chrissie! Hope you’re enjoying the weekend xx


  4. Rosie
    Well done to come a triple 2nd is very good and the colours really buzzed,you will get something to remember this by, just give me time .
    I am looking forward to doing the jacket for Stephanie and have made a start on the silks already. I will reveal it after she has received it otherwise it will not be a surprise.
    working on some gentle felt embroidery under the tree in the garden today too hot to pummel fibres into submission.Don’t get stressed life is too short, have a good weeekendx


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