Sent to you

A sneeky look nearly done ,hope to finish before I leave for Copenhagen on Friday.

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  1. Oh Chrissie,

    That little snippet is beautiful and will help tide us over until the big reveal:-)


  2. Thank you Dawn but have you seen my local postman as his wife has just phoned to say he is missing also the gnome patrol saw something looking like a ‘wildwoman’ in the vicinity. We have increased the patrol tonight and I have the blackbirds on ‘dawn patrol’ haha.
    Think I am going crazy with you two.

    Will suss out hols in Stockholm think Nicola should come too.
    I am going to get a hernia with laughing so much and I cannot even stitch straight.

  3. Hmmmm….Wildwoman you say….Does she reside in in Oregon, like bright chili red colors, wild, and full of fun? No, don’t believe I’ve spotted her. Now, Chrissie, have a cup of hot tea and take a few deep breaths, and just relax. Probably just too much sun and stitching…Does the same thing to me.

    O.K., Steph…she’s on to us. Let the postman out of the closet, head to the back of Chrissie’s house, I’ll give you a boost up and over the hedge. Watch those rosebushes, really got scraped up by the thorns yesterday.

    I think it’s probably about Chrissie’s bedtime. We’ll nab the jacket (from the little snippet that I saw, it looks done enough to me. The stitching’s always the last thing she does.) Then you can prance around town all decked out in your beautiful new jacket. It is getting a wee might chilly hanging out in these bushes…A jacket is just what you need. Oh, and Steph, did you get ahold of Nicola yet? Her schedule’s been pretty busy as of late…She’s probably ready to head off on vacation with us.

    P.S. Reading between the lines, I now know why I’m not able to sew…Chrissie says if you laugh too much you can hardly stitch straight. Well, that explains it!!! Sewing is only for really serious folks, no laughing allowed, or else everything is really crooked.

    • Oh enough I am choking now,I have to go to bed and lie down in a dark room with some cucumber on my eyes and lavender in my hand to smell. The gnomes are all on night patrol, Posties wife will be glad he is coming home safe after his little adventure with the Americans.Limes are in plentiful supply and the needles are sharp,the stitching is going around in circles and I am laughing too much.My husband thinks I will need a pill to calm down –Lor bless him.

    • Oh thank you so much not sure whether I deserve something like this but thank you so much –hope you are keeping well .

  4. Dawn….I need help getting out of the rose bush before Chrissie sees me. I’ve bribed the postman and let him out of the closet and he was giving me a boost up over the hedge but I missed and ended up in the darn rose bush. Dawn….quit playing around with the Limes and let’s snatch the jacket while Chrissie is recovering from the needle pricks. Nicola has headed out to Copenhagen to get a head start on Chrissie and we will rendezvous at the train station and make plans for the Great Jacket Heist. Chrissie doesnt know what is in store for her in Copenhagen.

    • sorry you are still in the bushes my dear left you some tea on the patio.As fast as I stitched and felted it is not done yet and I fly to Copenhagen tomorrow.It is my No 1 priority on my return I do not want to rush this top. byeeeeeeeee

      • Have a wonderful trip to Copenhagen. I am intrigued with the stitching in combination with the felting and the anticipation just makes the experience more delightful and a true memory to cherish. Thanks for the tea….I needed it. Off to the Blacksheep Gathering tomorrow. Lots of sheep, fiber, art, and like-minded creatives. Gonna fill the creative cells and buy lots of fiber. Just finished a nuno ruffled neck wrap one way and a shoulder wrap turned another way. Life is good!

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