Zwartbles fleeces

As felters we are so lucky when a group of farmers decide to breed the ‘rare breed’ sheep.The Zwartbles is a beautiful sheep and the fleece is to die for and has many uses it has just been so hard to get hold of in the past.If you would like a fleece  do email me  as my local farmer Jackie has some available. If you look on ebay you will find the farmers of these rare breeds selling the fleeces from £5-10 per fleece well worth the money. A big ‘Thank you’ to these farmers for making this beautiful fleece available to us felters

2 thoughts on “Zwartbles fleeces

  1. We have just started a Zwartbles flock and we love them. Trouble is I dont have the contacts to know where to sell the fleeces.


  2. Hi
    I found your blog from your facebook page and would love to know more about these sheep and the fleeces?? I am in the US though is there anyway to get some of the fleece?? I also just recently started wet felting so am trying to learn all that I can! thanks so much for any info I am on FB and my email is here on this post!! Thnx Linda


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