Home from the Baltic and the sun is still shining here.Russia was amazing and I have returned with so many design ideas and sketches to now develop  further.I loved Tallin and could easily live out the rest of my days there.I have not felted for 14 days and have withdrawal so tomorrow the fibres will be out and  a new design started .Once again my designs sell at my shop.I have 2 place left at a weekend felt event late September,email if interested.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’ve missed your posts and look forward to watching your new projects unfold. Your trip sounded wonderful and it is so much fun to be bursting with new ideas to try. Will be watching for when you teach in the US.


  2. Welcome home, Chrissie! So glad that you had such a wonderful trip.

    We’re just getting back, too…Have only had two hours of sleep (in I don’t know how long:-) … So, going to take a little (or long) nap to clear the cobwebs. Can’t wait to hear all about your trip.



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