New Recipe

Tore out the past work and decided to revamp my recipes as it was not working out as the imagery in my head wanted it to.Using a differing silk new screen and differing times and also differing fibres I have got what I set out to get now .Taking colour and using tht as the kicking off point and then expanding the imagery her e we go.

I knew as I was felting it was right –you get that magic moment feeling when it works and the fibres under your fingers feel zingy and right .

So patiently (not so) waiting for the drying to happen was hard,but I was pleased with what I saw.This is the foundation work for the TOP.

Showing the colours AND textures I wanted.

So just start now to get the yardage I want.





One thought on “New Recipe

  1. Ut-oh…Tearing out all of that hard work…I’ll bet that persons name was “mud”… Whomever that person happens to be that you’re making that for;-)

    Well, not that I’m a peeker, but if I were one of those types, I’d be willing to bet my bottom dollar that those yardage images are gorgeous…He, he!!!!!

    Big hugs,


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