Screenprinting and natural dyes

Set myself a challenge to use natural dyes by the end of the year in my work and to do my deconstructed screening and screenprinting .This is my favourite ,and is thickened and used on screen and wet silk, love the effect.

This time of year is when I tend to open a brand new sketch book and start filling it with ideas and samples and ideas of what the following years work will be.

Garments in skirts and little jackets using my signature silks are on the cards and  abag of some description —watch this space

dreamt the day away actually today and thought of Nicola travelling so far away maybe she will arrive soon .My garden looked beautiful but with the 1st few huge raindrops I grabbed my secatuars and got my favourite blooms before they were flattened by the storm. Every year the minute my flag irises and paeonies open we have a storm —here is what I rescued today.

Hope your day

was good wherever you are and again

Thank you for all who are buying the book it is very exciting hearing back from you all .Please leave comments on Amazon  if you wish, it helps our stats

.Just heard we are in Blurbs best selling list allready  so excited 

One thought on “Screenprinting and natural dyes

  1. Congratulations! So happy for you. Was there ever any doubt that you’d be on the best seller list? 😉

    So happy that Nicola arrived safely…Would have been so nice if you’d been able to come, too. A book tour would have been wonderful;-)))

    Lovely screen-printing and flowers. You’re surrounded by beauty;-)



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