I do not go on a lot of workshops and when I do I really expect to get value for my outlay.I have spent 2 days with Vilte and I feel it only scratched the surface of her knowledge on surface techniques .It was brilliant .there are no photos allowed whilst working in Vilte’s class and this also safeguards her techniques.

I will post images of my finished work but if you get the chance do go and do a workshop with Vilte then do it you will enjoy,and so many ways to push forward you surface textures

5 thoughts on “Workshop

  1. I just returned to Seattle from my first ever group workshop with a friend of yours and will likely venture out again to others!! It is wonderful to hear, once again, how inspiring Vilte is.I’m glad it was such a good experience for you..Thanks for the posting..and PS: I got to see in person the beautiful jacket you made for Dawn


  2. Suzanne Thank you for your kind words and yes Vilte is amazong and gifted with her ideas and I feel she herself is inspired by Clauda Jongstra ,I see similar effects in both works.


  3. I just discovered Clauda Jonstra and was so impressed with her work and that she had been at it for l5 years…very organic and unpretentious, I would love to do a workshop with her, and she uses all natural dyes and gets wonderful colours…she was in a video and had some great sheep skins from Holland, oh I do covet….lol
    I really liked the embedded cotton scrim (it looked like) and have just ordered some to play with…it scrunches wonderfully, nice work …


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