Using my garden for my art.

The long awaited rains came today and the land smelt sweet so I went gatheing the fallen petals of the roses and peaonies and geraniums and the clematis petals were falling too with the wind and the rain.

I had cotton square and an old piece of french linen with some beautiful history attached to it,I placed petals and leaves on top of cotton then bound them all using some lovely hardwood circles wrapped with sticks and cord and simmered in what remained of my petal water form afew weeks ago.
Now I am stitching and remembering and enjoying the colours and the faded imagery on my cloth.

Being brave and deciding to do moreI have always been a plants woman and pride myself on my collection, so to now use these beautiful pants combined with my silks and felts is so rewarding
Today I was back in amongst the plants and trying to decide what to do today and decided to use some silk scraps and to try adding a mordant today, so added a bit of alum.
Was I right or wrong to do this I do not know -but I do know my silk turned out beautiful and smells good,I added rainwater to my simmering pot as well, it is a very old aluminium pot.
I have also done more stitching today after completing my section purse made with silk which has been screen-printed for the new felting book due out Christmas time.

4 thoughts on “Using my garden for my art.

  1. Oh, I’m a day late and a dollar short:-) Just catching up on yesterday’s blog…I love this Chrissie. Very beautiful results and the safety of using plants and gifts from nature definitely appeals to me.


  2. Oh what is a day late and a dollar short mean???

    Thanks Dawn the beauty that captures on the silk amazes me go and look at India Flint she inspires me.

    Sorry we did not talk today been out with Nigel most of the day.


  3. Oh, that’s right, no dollars there…LOL;-) Just an expression meaning I’m running behind (reading your post a day late).

    Hope you and Nigel had a wonderful day. Were your ears ringing today? You were the topic of conversation today with my friend Catherine and I. We were looking at ALL of your many books in print. She’s coming over tomorrow for a day of felting (me) and knitting (her). Told her that you and I sometimes used Skype and then she showed me her new Ipad 2 which has a feature called FaceTime, video chat, and the Ipad has a 9 or 10 hour battery life. Just when I think I’m all modern and up the latest technology, out comes something new;-)))

    Big hugs,


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