Felt and of course more felt

Well having had a delayed recovery form a nasty virus  I have had time whilst just hanging about to organise my books and also try to list all my fibres and check the storage i.e. looking for pesky critters .Please to say I found none but it is a good idea at this time of year to undo the packages and check and keep up your moth control lots of lavender in your yarn storage area is a good start.

working on Fabiennes winning jacket and  hoping she likes it it has been a real challenge using all her colours without making it look ‘too much’.Of course it has my screen printed silk in  and I just so enjoy doing these silks ,just been booked to teach screen printing and am now writing my recipes down and putting my designs into a notebook .

The new book on Nuno form Nicola and myself is well under way and has lots of good ideas in .

Since moving in to my new place the lounge has seemed very strange and I was unable to settle in the room or even work properly and today the answer just came to me that I had set the room out total mirror style to how we normally lived ,so I changed it all and suddenly both of us felt comfy and ‘at home’.

Nigel has been busy doing all the planning for Denmark and the routes and the bookings etc bless him I really have no aptitude for that sort of thing at all.He will enjoy the island whilst I teach and we will of course enjoy the travelling together .

This year we have done more then ever and trying to stay away from air travel and drive whenever we could,just got fed up of being dictated to regarding how much we could take away and in what shape bag and paying so much for what used to be included –ridiculous .

I have done lots of quiet selective embroidery and mediative thoughts.We all need to recharge and to take responsibility for what we can change and let go of what we cannot change ,we need to learn we are not expected to solve it  all.

Watched the Rugby and cheered Ireland on after my recent visit –it was a good match.

Had lots of sales of my new notebook and lovely comments as to it being a good gift present buy.

Found this piccie of my  two when they were tinies reminded me what good fun they both were,they still both make me smile –that is a good thing. 

2 thoughts on “Felt and of course more felt

  1. Dear Chrissie,

    So glad that you’re feeling better…Have missed you and your posts so much. It sounds like your period of recuperation has given you much time for planning and thought…You accomplish more while you’re under the weather than I do when I’m up to full speed!

    Can’t wait for the new book, and of course, to see Fabienne’s fantastic creation. Perhaps a little “teaser photo” soon? 😉

    We’re heading off to felt camp shortly, but hope to catch up when I return next week. Sending lots of love your way.



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