The Netherlands

Well I am home and have had an amazing time and even travelling home from Charity to the airport and seeing the sinking sun make beautiful image against the treelineThe class and steep learning curve with Heidi Grebb was brilliant and Truus was a most marvellous hostess providing brilliant workshop ambience and nourishing lunches.

Working with the raw fleece was new to me and very enjoyable I feel I have a lot to learn.I made sleeveless jacket lined in lime green and the main fibre was Bergchap natural a mountain sheep which is very strong but lovely to felt.

Adding the Drenthe  fibre on  trying to form some design element was good.

I have made some Wall Felt-Art pieces for my shop and hope people like them.The hotel we stayed in was great and the host very helpful and informative .

To everyone who I met ‘hello’ and hope we meet again and thank you for helping to make my trip so memorable and for including Nigel in everything who also had brilliant trip.

If you have the chance to go to the Netherlands then do go, I could move there tomorrow it is delightful and the fires as well which both Nigel and I are thinking of installing in our  North Pennines home .

The Dutch felting group are having a celebration next year and there will be lots of classes and opportunities to felt .

Bergchap and gotland 

3 thoughts on “The Netherlands

  1. Dear Chrissie,

    Somehow I get the impression that you have a marvelous time wherever you go…Such a joy you are;-) So glad that you had such a wonderful time. Hope we’ll see more pictures when you have the time. We love that feeling of traveling right along with you.



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