How long

Today I was asked how long it takes to do a jacket and when would the winning entry be finished .

Well how long is long or short for that matter,the process is slow at times but when one considers I start the brief with 4-6 colours and a set of measurements there is no wonder.

1ST I try to find out a little bit regarding the winner and there taste in clothes etc .I then make fabric design followed by jacket design.
The fabric design has to be sketched and re-sketched screens made and then all the colours prepared and the silk prepared and then the screen printing happens.
Then the felting happens around the resist which has been made from the enlarged pattern.
Then the final fitting and trims etc and then the embroidery.
So how long is long –well it is finished today and tomorrow will be posted to the winner Fabienne ,lets hope she like sit and it fits —always a risk.
When the final stitch is in and the last image taken and it is packed and ready for posting it is a sad but happy moment,bye La Tulipe I hope you keep Fabienne warm this winter.

5 thoughts on “How long

  1. Dear Chrissie,

    Oh, I just know that Fabienne is going to be thrilled with her beautiful jacket! I can’t wait to see a picture of her modeling it. I know that it must be hard after spending all of those countless hours working on your creation to send it off, but knowing that it’s going to such a good home will make it much easier. Just picture her face as she opens it;-)

    Big hugs to my talented and creative friend,


  2. It has arrived at “the garden of the tulipe” in the netherlands AND it fits ;-)! It’s beautiful, the tulip prints are really a great design, taking into account the crimp of the felt is no small feat by Chrissie, really, and it has a very original design with a large modern purple zipper (my favorite color), thank you so much Chrissie for all your work, for setting up such a project! for the patience to go on and all the hours and attention and love you put into it to simply give it away, it’s amazing to me. The weather was terrible today, so I did not take any pictures yet, as it would really not be honoring this very special and unique piece of felt. Will try this week and keep you posted! again, my gratitude to you, dear!


  3. Oh, so happy that the jacket arrived. It sounds perfect! Can’t wait to see pictures…I know that you will look beautiful in it, Fabienne.

    You’re such a good soul Chrissie, gifting us with such beautiful, made-from-the-heart creations.

    So blessed to know both of you.



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