Practise what I preach

Yesterday I spoke about pushing ourselves as artists and looking at new ways to discover what we can or cannot do and doing something to improve or have fun and in these times when most of us are having more down time in our work lets use that time to do something rather then moan about the recession the wars the world.

I signed up for an art class and I am doing 2 this month the 1st is on faces and the 2nd on silly creates.

As I have small plan in mind to utilise this art in another way later today I got my paints out and tuned in to class and had fun for the morning,Carla is an excellent tutor and has online teaching down to a fine art–no pun intended.

This is the result of Day 1 class 1 work go look at her site

I am very proud of my mythical people with the funny noses.

Weather wise —raining today but very scold and very very windy still

have a nice day –do something for fun !!!

3 thoughts on “Practise what I preach

  1. I love Carla’s web site and love your funny noses!x glad you had fun. I agree that sometimes we forget to have fun and that is when l find my work suffers. Bit like a marraige really..always remember to have fun as well as all the serious stuff or else you are heading for trouble.!xlynda


  2. Thank you I had such fun and 3 more days to go too.Just signed up for another one as well a ‘silly’ session.Worth every penny /dollar
    Think my pressie is here at the PO will go tomorrow then email you .Thank you so much xxxxx


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