Nuno felt and new book

a sneaky peaky at part of one of the pieces some silk was walnut dyed.
It has been awhile since I posted but my head has been busy trying work out how to get the designs from my head and my felting table out to the people who have requested them and I find it impossible to do all the 3day request workshops.

Making nuno felt is only the beginning of having a nuno felt garment and the adhoc way of marking around an already owned jacket is not ideal. Therefore for the new book I have designed lots of new Nuno Pieces.

As Nuno felters we do not need patterns we need templates and we need to have them initially on the same dress size we take ,and easy to draw around the shrinkage gauge we have for our own felt and believe me everyone gets differing rates which is why it is wise to go by your own measurements and rates than by anyone else’s it is a bit like knitting .

From my sketch book figures and drawings to properly graded patterns/templates has been a hard road but is now nearly there.The idea is that the pieces ready will be in the new book and a miniature image of how the template looks and email address for the reader to mail in and get on return, the pdf of the pattern requested in the size requested.1 size per each pattern in the book per customer .Then the remainder can be purchased if wanted and further felting templates will be marketed this way.

It is simple matter of printing out on your home printer and sticking the A4 sheets together and then laying on your plastic and adding the shrinkage rate.

Summer is finally here in the North Pennines and with the extra hour of daylight seems almost holiday like.

Lambs in the fields with more to come, foals due any day,a trip to Ireland planned to see Nicola and Dawn,my new venture of being member of the Teesdale Artists Network and having gallery shop in Eggleston Hall Gardens will make the summer pass very quickly.

2more trips to The Netherlands,a trip to Perth to felt, teaching at The Creative Felt Gathering and then on to see my brother (and friends en-route)to Canada and back home.

So soon be Autumn.

One thought on “Nuno felt and new book

  1. Love, love, love your idea for the templates, sized to fit…Perfect!!!!! You are a genius!!! Whoo-Hoooo…can’t wait to order my copy when the release is announced. Or perhaps, I’ll be able to pick it up when I’m in Ireland. Do you think it might be ready then? Hoping, hoping, hoping…though I know that might be a little bit too soon.

    Can’t wait to see you and finally meet in person, Chrissie….It’s been too long in the waiting (well for an impatient person like me;-)))

    Hope that you’re having a beautiful day.

    Big hugs,


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