It is that time of year when the garden is normally busting with colour and leaf form and gives out so much inspiration that the camera and sketchbook are continually in use.What is different this year is I am just beginning the garden here in ernest,and the tree planting is done the shrubs are in and next year it will be great but this year it is a qiuet garden growing where I cannot see the changes, putting the roots down a bit like myself in realty.

What I do have is the land of big skies and 360 degree vision of horizon which is awesome and is changing what is happening in my sketchbook and on my silks. We all evolve and our art changes with us so I embrace all this and look forward to seeing the results in my work. 4 more designs are in various stages of prep for the templates and ideas buzz around my head for the surface decoration on each.At the moment I am preoccupied with statues especially the Vigland in OsloGustav Vigland is inspiration and just to look back on imagery taken when in the park amongst the hundreds of huge statues and try to sketch them makes you very aware of this artists knowledge of the human form .Poetry in motion or not as the case may be.

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