Well it looks like we are not going to have sunny summer but lots of other things are busy behaving as normal at this time of year and that includes the plants.Ok they don’t know they will flower one day then get the hell beat out of them by the ferocious rain storms the next so I decided to felt myself a little scene that will last longer than 1 day.
Lots happening on the exhibition front and the gallery and commissions all helping to keep me out of trouble and one big piece of news that my Uk felting venue will now be up here in the North Pennines at Crosslanes which is beautiful place to be in an incredible building with beautiful food so keep watching for the workshop list going up.There will be a set price per class per day of £50.00 which will include your tea and coffee and a beautiful lunch.

I am busy felting and designing new pieces for the exhibition in the Bowes the mists here roll down the valley so quickly leaving me in murky misty land maybe full of hobgoblins  who knows!!!!!!

Have fun felting even if the sun don’t shine .

3 thoughts on “Summer

  1. You’re keeping so busy that any hobgoblins will not be able to catch up with you;-)

    I would gladly trade you some of our sun and heat for your weather…Too hot for me…It was 107 degrees on Friday…that’s in Fahrenheit…but just take it from me, it was a scorcher!


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