Morning in my world

Having a quiet day by the AGA in the kitchen knitting,reverse double knitting in fair isle ,challenging as you cannot see the design develop,confident or stupid ,I have yet to discover

I heard a rustling and looked up to see my friends had wandered over to say
Morning,it is atypical damp misty autumnal day here but the hill
Colours are something else.
Have a good day wherever you are.

5 thoughts on “Morning in my world

  1. Hello Chrissie, I’m looking forward to seeing your knitting – but I’m surprised you get much done at all with a view from your window as wonderful as you have.


  2. Hi Lyn
    Well count day dreaming as (design time),gazing as(planning time)thinking as(productive brain time) and well I get loads done .

    Teaching 1 session per day at Harrogate K&S show next week on this technique so need to concentrate


  3. Hi Chrissie……I am asking again as to how I can purchase your felted clothing patterns. Would love ro work with them.

    Carole Dysart


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