Too many Emails

Gosh so many emails from the Clasheen  post re the templates it needs a blog post to clarify as I cannot answer all these .

When I decided to   publish Nuno Felt as a downloadable ebook with free templates of my designs available from Craftsy and from World of Wool  I also decided  to only give the templates as a gift to the Blurb book until the end of 2012.

We are now in 2013 and to clarify

The templates are free with Nuno Felt by Chrissie Day the ebook and the new hard copy available as from next Wednesday .

You can also buy just the templates/patterns if you so desire for £2.50 each from me .These are designed and graded to size and downloadable.

What is not happening is a free gift given to Blurb purchasers of the joint book now we are past the year end .

Hope this answers it all. Happy Felting










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