Polymer playing

As some may know I have spent this week immersed in polymer and have waited all year since booking this just after Christmas to play,learn,be educated,and Enjoy.

Never forget the ‘e ‘ words educate,enjoy.

I cannot begin to put into words the journey I have been on,thought natural dyeing was cool and still do far too much to be healthy to my garden and wildlife,thought silversmithing was awesome,but the last 4 days surpass all those and the way it can be brought into whatever art form road you currently travel.

My beAutiful bracelet and my bone and relics piece

Of course these pieces are inspired by instructor Ronna Sarvas Weltmann and her beautiful work ,but it leads you to try techniques and begin to explore.

I learnt oceans from Melanie West and have to slowly take the path she has started me on,a collaboration of Felt/fibre with her beautiful clay work is in the melting pot to be stirred around— watch this space.!
Now it is back to work and silk screening to do for a customised Nuno jacket,samples for the workshop this weekend and samples for Denmark.
Still places left on the Abruzzo course so have a look.
Couple more image shots

20130716-094200.jpgwith thanks to Olga and Alexander and table collaboration on my Greek Memory piece.

Again Olga added her teeny tiny skinner blends aren’t they just the cutest thing.Thanks Olga

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