Origami life

It has been a very very busy week travelling to Scotland,meeting up with old friends,staying with my lovely Aunt by the coast and so much laughter my sides ached.


Whilst there I did more differential felting and origamiwork with Andrea Noeke Porada,and immersed myself in shrinkage ratios and shape etc which after my days with Lisa Klakulak made it easier.
Also learning to work with short fibre merino which I actually do not like at all—– hey ho


Lots of lovely experimentation with Andrea who gave afabulous Masterclass to us,come back soon Andrea.
On my way back home I came through Melrose which is a very cool place I could move there tomorrow.I found a stunning country mansion which sleeps 12 so with a bed for myself and Nigel that leaves room for
10 students,so 2014 will see me organising classes there on a residential basis.Just awaiting floor plans to arrive this afternoon and then I can decide whether to do felting or knitting there or even Polymer clay and wire classes.
So good food ,good company met Flextiles Kim for the 1st time,although we are internet buddies,wish she had had the whole week long course and we could have had more time together,but the days were very intensive over only a 6 hour day minus over an hour for lunch left 2 sessions of 2.5 hours ,not the right amount of time to do what we were trying to do,and some students had only just returned or started felting so tothem it was baptism by fire.
This all has so much potential in felting,this piece was inspired  by a fabulous book on the Natural world that Andrea introduced us to.My pewter frog likes it.

All of the pieces took considerable extra time at home to finish and totally understand the concept and maths behind your work.
This is my very favourite so far and I cannot tell you how many hours this has taken me to finish,but it is addictive and the next one is allready prefelted and ready to go.

Just to finish a perfect week,I discovered 2 great shops,1 with architectural stone urns and troughs and french soap which I adore and another selling my favourite designer Eden Rock, and 2Danes clothes which I like as well.

a great week

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