Denmark,Germany,The Netherlands

Perhaps life is all about travelling and memory storage.28E4D7CC-5614-4F94-A2DF-2899622EB049I have now been home 2 weeks from my foreign trip and the routine is slowly coming back.Winter is approachig here in the hills and Autumn has happened very quickly leaving me with a feeling we are in for some very strange hard weather–the signs are all here remembered from my youth when winters were hard.Watching the birds and flora and seeing the sky so full of something worries me.

My trip was magical from catching the ferry with my little cabin IMG_4534to arriving in The Netherlands and driving up into Germany that 1st day 400 miles to beautiful hotel Hotel Hahn in Schleswig passing this windmill on the way

A windmill en route
A windmill en route

Off into town for a good meal nice German food and we passed this studio which would interest my son in law who in his spare time makes beautiful guitars.This instrument makers window displayed all his templates.and tools.IMG_3119

Hotel Hahn
Hotel Hahn

If you are in the region pay them a visit I certainly will return and for longer to enable me to explore this beautiful town steeped with history.
The next day we drove further North to Esjberg for the ferry over to Fano, an exciting trip full of anticipation for another knitting festival.
It was great to be back and return to my lovely little cottage just big enough for two although there are beds for 4.
Tutors party and meeting old friends and new friends, Ivan from Asplund whose blog I follow.Vithard another great kniiting mind the party spirit was starting and then Sarah Hatton and Erica Knight arrived to top up the British side of designer/ tutors.

We were then entertained by Christine a Danish TV presenter,not a word did I understand but she was funny!!!
Christel treated us to a fashion show of the new pieces and her most wonderful knitted designs ,haunting background music just added another dimension.Look at this colour .IMG_4620

Sleep came easy in the bed up in the roof and the next day I was treated to an array of fabulous knitting and yarn everywhere,knitters everywhere hurrying between classes getting excited and the constant hum of busy woman all over the island.

Very early shoppers in Fano
Very early shoppers in Fano

Time for a drive upon the stunning beach IMG_4593which is just a beach ,no deckchair attendant ,no ice cream,no car park,hence no charges,and just the sound of the sea and the smell ooh the smell of the sea gets me every time.

I love Fano and the history and the beach, it is a very special corner of the world.Saturday night we had a banquet and entertainment and so much fun and knitty talk I was tired but so awake and in the moment,sleep took along time to come,and then  I dreamt of pirates!!!!.

My classes were  taught my bag was packed and we said a sad goodbye to Fano and caught the ferry back to Esjberg to continue the trip.

A slow drive to Borglum en-route to Skagen and an over night stop in fact 2 nights,at  another amazing hotel CafeHaven with fabulous views of a gardeners garden ,a sweet little cat and beautiful room and great breakfast.7D99EABC-E2EA-4C77-A07E-9643BC03100A

Annettes recomended shopping venue to agood silversmith using beach stones and driftwood saw me making a purchase and also being given a gift of this beautiful seashell with barnacles I LOVE it.

Another place to go back and explore and so full of history fascinating history.Soon time to leave for Skagen and to see Dorthe who manages Christels new shop in Skagen I promised we would call and so we did to admire share coffee and talk again of the festival. Dorthe is so fun and so happy in her knitting shop with beautiful wool and designs.IMG_4623

Onto the beach and the tip of Denmark where the Baltic meets the North Sea where waves crach in to each from opposing sides creating plumes of water awesome!I stood with a foot in each ocean and admired the miles of sean and sand,I often wonder where did I live in past lives?IMG_4646

Soon time to go again through  the wild flowers and back to the car and onto Herning for another 2 nights.Nigel spotted good shopping and many new purchases were made.I tried translating Danish but it was so hard.

Herning was a pretty town with good old buildings.

From Herning to Oldenburg about 400miles of driving and much knitting as N drove.

Another town to go back to for longer so much to explore ,a good hotel at Hotel Hermes where we were treated to a top floor suite Thank you Hotel Hermes,a great meal a good breakfast and back on the road.

Now I was en-route to meet a felting  Facebook name who I have talked to via FB but  NEVER MET so when Dorie invited me to call in before getting on the boat we did.Her charming lovely home by the water and our welcome Plum cake and coffee were very much enjoyed,then before we spoke of felt Dorie showed me outside and I met her husband,who is the greatest HYDRANGEA grower ever and I could not believe how many flowers I could see.I have grown these plants for over 40 years now and love them so much this was gardening heaven to me.

If had realised the workshops coming up I would have just bunked down in the greenhouse and waited for the felting to start.I will be back Dorie to talk for longer, to felt with you, laugh with you,knit with your sister  and eat more fab Plum cake.

What a lovely finish to my break. and the journey back on the ferry was filled with the perfume of many flower heads  well I was not leaving my bouquet gift down in the car deck was I?IMG_3270

At the end of the day our life is full of memories,in fact maybe this is what we are here for memory collection!

I have many more now to add in to this memory bank of mine ,to all I met,talked with ,taught, laughed with along the way Thank you.

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