Is it really February

Last time I blinked Christmas was on the wain and New Year happening ,now it is February 1st (a good memory day for me) and I am thinking what happened in January.I saw my children which always lifts my heart,sorted out to some extent the diary for 2014.Booked more ME time in.

Decided which fibres would be used this coming year,looked at my own wools coming through helped by 2 amazing “Guys who Dye’.how fortunate can a fibre artist get.

Our local wool BFL,BFL/Shetland mix, Zwartbles and the rare breed Teeswater is getting lots of good reviews

WELL I signed anew Book deal with a new publisher which excites me and I have been working very hard.

It has snowed and is snowing now whilst the logs burn Sheryl Crow sings The Rugby has been and gone and the Red gets warm in the glass,and it is a good Saturday feeling.

Noisy Geese in the snow
Noisy Geese in the snow


The Dutch felting exhibition has arrived at last at Farfield Mill Sedbergh and when it leaves in March it will not be seen IMG_8497

Grasses barely there
Grasses barely there

as collective again in this country ,so all fibre lovers make an effort to come and see.

Went walking today as those who know me well the harsher it is the more I need to be out there, camera in hand.Today was hard as the wind and snow were blowing right at me and my fingers were not working well in the cold so did not get as many as I wanted but a few to share.

todays river
todays river



Looking backwards to home

Workshops have been written ,advertised and Carpet Bags are now sold out,a couple of places on March’s Felted Jewelry at the mill.

Charity is coming over soon for a weekends workshops and we have had no need to advertise and all the places have gone.Looking forward to having here her again and Nol who will enjoy (I hope ) his first visit.

I am going to have a new role in 2014 more on this later but it is exciting  2014 is certainly proving to be year of changes for my family.

Travels and teaching beckons as well.I hope your year is as busy and happy as I hope mine to be .

On the felting side of life lots of new designs coming through and soon the new Polly bag will be taught.Will March come as quick??














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