Jack Frost

Nipping at my fingers certainly nipped at my tea table near the greenhouse door. The patterning is stunning

Choosing this beautiful Rhododendron

As I walked around the garden this morning thinking about how ugly and destructive Covid is and yet the Frost appeared so lovely. I enjoyed the cold breathe of air after breakfast by the Aga. I miss my family my children my grandchildren I hate a virus dictating my choices of movement.

I am seeing no-one this Christmas though I am all vaccinated and 70% protected

Ice on wood
Around the Path

Now the watery sun tries hard to penetrate the rolls of mist unfurling down the hills getting ready to encompass all my space.

Trying to imitate the frost that sits upon my plants by free machining over hand dyed velvet Nuno felt

A tiny viola has had a shock – feel guilty for bringing her to this high altitude garden exposed to all wild weather, but that colour on a mud December morning gives me so much joy in its honest freshness


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