choosing design colours

I have promised for quite a while to write a post on how I begin to put together palette of colours to begin my felting designs. 

Sometimes adhoc works but more often than not I will start with a photo or sketch I have taken or painted.The photo I have used here was taken for me in Australia by Jennifer of a field of poppy heads.Poppys18Looking at this I see that the colours can all be used in varying degress so here is the process. image in adobe photoshop, leave on screen and

2 open file— new  choose 2″ by 4″

3. on left hand side of screen you will see menu choice and the tool you need is the colour picker which looks like a dropper

4. hover this tool over the image of the colour you require and you will see this colour appear in the 2 little boxes below the tool selection.

5. now choose brush —choose sizes and choose between 50 to 79px——————–take the brush and making the sure the colour you chose is on top –as you move over the colur block a box will open up just press ok dab the brush on your blank sheet.

6,continue this process until you have taken a sample of all your colourspoppyThis palette is now ready for you to introduce into your gauze or silks and felting fibres. Nature tends to work her colours correctly so the proportions are up to you but do keep looking back at your image, but the colours will work .

Tomorrow I will start to dye my silks shibori style and go through my muslins which are allready coloured , my aim is a jacket and the pattern is cut ready, as this time I aim to make the fabric and then sew the jacket just to see if this method makes a better felt jacket or ?????? My design is longer in the back than my fronts and a lovely drape down the front from a collarless style .

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