needle felting

my goodness I have alot to learn on this subject but it fascinates me, tonightseffort  has appeared as an old lady she has made me laugh anyway after a stuid day where everything has gone wrong from the moment I opened my eyes,Tomorrow is a day for me and I just might catch up with getting ready for Christmas and hit my kitchen with afrenzy and some good music on .Anyway have alaugh and cheer yourselves up with my lady with the mad hair

2 thoughts on “needle felting

  1. She is fabulous. I love the sculptural quality of needlefelting, and this crazy lady is a perfect example. Hmmm maybe I’ll dig out my needles in the new year and have a another little play with the fluff.


    1. Ah Thanks Chrissy this is avery addictive pastime,but she is my 2nd head the imrovement from the 1st is quite marked,going to try a baby next –this one terrifified my DIL to be Katie she got spooked by it –sorry Katie but they do make me laugh . Chrissie


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