Trying new fibres

One of the descisions I have made for 2010 is attend more classes myself and also to use more of the unusual fibres.I have started with Rambouillet and must say I love this fibre now and its versatility.The yellow bag was made with it and was very easy to felt

I also did the cuff with the same fibres.Several of you have emailed asking about the wire and how I knitted it.Secret —it is not knitted just .5 coiled with .3 wrapped around and stitched down,very tiny glass beads added on whilst stitching completed the piece.

I am also aimimg to do more workshops and in these difficult times I am waving my fee and asking for a donation to Help for Heroes,so any group leaders out there wanting workshops do email me,  details are on my contact page –and it will be first come first served regarding dates etc.

Hers to Happy Felting in 2010

Author Comment
Deb Seeger
that cuff is stunning!! I used to work with silver every day and have not touched it in a decade. What an inspirational piece. Beautiful work and photography Chrissie.

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