Paeony waterfall top

Paeony Waterfall top

I am having so much fun dyeing silks of all weights and making the waterfall jackets.

Hurrah all are home safely 2 from Venice and 2 from Portugal

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  1. Well, I’ll say you are…Not only having fun, but creating beautiful works of art! I just love seeing all of your lovely creations. Wish I could hold, try on, touch, too:-)

  2. I love these techniques. Congratulation !!!
    Sorry for my terrible ingles.I speek spanish.
    I m from Argentina, Buenos Aires.
    I would to lern this technique.
    Thanks for more informegion.Can to be in my language??

  3. I am finding the design of this jacket, so, fun. I have not been blogging much lately so I must have missed that your arm is better as you are back to work. I get inspired to press onward with my work when I see your innovative, out of the box ideas.

  4. Thank you Deb –the arm is sore but not painful still having phsyio–but life is too short to wait any longer I needed to felt, now I have got carried away with this design and the sketch book is full of colour ideas and additions ,trying to keep them away from my daughter and daughter in law.

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