Here we go again–Autumn competition.


Thanks to all who have all ready submitted

Due to all nagging me I am launching a winter competition for the chance to win a ChrissieDay felt top.

Colour based again and it is the tastes and colours of Autumn theme of warmth

Entries to be received by 22nd October 2010.

Good luck

Steph in her winning colour combination for Spring

8 thoughts on “Here we go again–Autumn competition.

  1. Thank you Chrissie for launching another competition. The ChrissieDay felt top I won is an incredible work of art that I cherish and display in my studio. It is stunning on but at the moment I like having it float above me as a mobile of color and inspiration and beautiful work! Good Luck everyone. The creative growth you will achieve by entering this competition is amazing! Hugs….Stephanie Rosiewildwoman Fischer


  2. Whoo-Hoooo!!!! I’m putting my thinking cap on first thing in the morning (or perhaps I’ll dream visions of autumn colors and Chrissie Day felt tops:-)

    This is so exciting!!!!



  3. Now wait just a minute Chrissie…I’m looking through the fine print and I see no mention of the fact that you’d like me to behave. Now, that’s just asking a bit too much. Right Steph? Got your passport handy? I feel we may need to be called into action:-) Detective Dawn and Steph on the job and at your service…Whooo-Hoooo!!!!


  4. Hi Chrissie– I’m excited to enter your Autumn contest! Since I couldn’t figure out how to attach my photo and colors, I’m e-mailing them to you under separate cover.
    Thanks! Heather


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