Competition Winner

Well at along last I can show you the images of the jacket designed for the Fall winner Dawn Edwards,she sure looks beautiful and is photographed by her son Ryan who is a photographer.

Thanks for being so patient Dawn and waiting for this to arrive .

Most of the work today has been for the new book and we are both pushing ourselves to finish in time for Nicola to bring it with her to America yet being diligent that speed does not mean haste.You know what I mean.

Nicola bless her loves editing –hurrah!! so I leave her locked in her Irish turret beavering away with the words. I cannot believe all we have achieved in this timescale, it leaves me breatheless, way to go.

Well a short post as still much to do .

4 thoughts on “Competition Winner

  1. Dear Chrissie, It is I who wishes to thank you. You can’t rush a thing of beauty, and Chrissie, this jacket is absolutely stunning. So wonderful to look at all of the components that went into the making. It is really a work of art. I can’t believe your generosity in giving this beautiful gift to me…I will treasure it forever. Sending you big hugs across the ocean and straight to your door. Thank you so much Chrissie.

    I can’t wait for your book to come out…Compiled by two of my dear friends and fantastic felters…What more could I ask for?



  2. Thank you from me, too, Rosie. The jacket is stunning…Wore it tonight and it was a show stopper, Chrissie. Thank you again so very much…I love it!!!!



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