Fabulous Workshops

When you travel a long way to a workshop it is because of 2 reasons.
1.Brilliant artist you wish to learn from
2.Brilliant venue.

My latest journey to Baard in The Netherlands lived up to all expectations and in fact in both points were better than expected.

Truus has extended her venue space and we had the plus factor of all eating together every night so nearly residential.The food was great and our daily lunch breaks were as well very good.
American,Australian,Dutch ,English.and Belgium ladies all gathered to work with Charlotte Sehmisch.
It was awesome and I learnt so much and enjoyed getting to know Charlotte.
I love being in Scandinavia and The Netherlands where felting is at a very differing level to the Uk.
We need to experience the differences and maybe attending rubbish venues that you would never go near again for any artistic experience makes you appreciate fully when it is as near perfection as it can be.
Truus is beginning the Dutch Felting Academy here and all I can say is lucky lucky students.



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