New Russian Style Felted Hat

Well I have done all the measurements and drafted them out


1.tape measure


3 sellotape

4 lino or bubble wrap or plastic

ok draw an semi circle and divde into fourwith two lines 1 horizontal and 1 vertical

measure your head from back to chin –divide by 2 and write the measure on the vertical line eg 21″is mine =10.5″

measure head around above the ears divide by 2 and write on the horizontal line eg 22″is mine divided =11″

now extend 3″ either side of the centre point of your semicircle base line 6″down,  curve the bottom line these will be your ear flaps

ok now is the time to test your fibres and felt a piece 6″ by6″ now felt firmly then measure and work out the percentage of shrinkage .My fibres give a 50% shrink so I must now add this to my measurements .so ok

 height =10.5 x50%=17.75″


sorry this is all inches not metric but well I think in  feet and inches .

now you have all the measurements draw this out on your paper a newspaper and felt tip is good

so we have a semicircle shape with an extension for the earflaps.This is best placed onto plastic  the insulation sheet foam used to go under wood floors is ideal,and can be bought quite cheaply.

The inside of the hat will not be seen apart from under the very front section,the piece which would lie from  ear to ear is turned over for wearing so I intend to put fancy fibres on this part which will be my first layer on one side only.Think I am going to use some pre-dyed silks and fibre mixture.


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